14 Mar


The first ever DGLA meet and greet was a complete success!  With 88 in attendance the room was buzzing with business opportunities.   Those 37 others that registered and missed out really missed a HUGE opportunity to explore the services of fellow DGLA members and get to know the level of services this group can offer.  We look forward to hosting another gathering of DG specialists within the coming year and will keep everyone abreast of the details.

A huge thank you goes out to Fred Cook of the Courier Company who sponsored the cocktail reception.  Companies like The Courier Company make it possible for DGLA to host these events and keep the overall membership cost and conference cost to a bare minimum.  The Courier Company provides comprehensive Dangerous Goods (DG) handling for all UN classifications (1-9). From packaging (including dry and wet ice) to the completion of documentation, we can help – all the way – door-to-door. All the operations staff members are fully IATA and ADR Dangerous Goods qualified.  The Courier Company also has an in-house qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA). Registered users can book, track and trace online through the website at www.thecouriercompany.biz

A special thanks goes out to Michael Tesch from DGM as well.  A conference sponsor and dedicated DGLA service provider, DGM can help each and every member comply with government rules and regulations.  Today DGM is a global network, using the same brand name, operating principles, and quality and safety standards. DGM has established a reputation in servicing forwarders and shippers in complying to dangerous goods regulations, with training, products, software and consultancy.

DGM contributes towards safety awareness for transport and handling of dangerous goods shipments.  The international recognition for DGM comes via the fact that the DGM training schools are accredited by IATA.  Moreover, DGM is observer in the IATA Dangerous Goods Board, is an IATA Strategic Partner and an IATA Publications Sales Agent.  Besides being related to airlines, DGM is individual member of FIATA and has a seat on the Advisory Body for Dangerous Goods.

This is the second largest specialty network under the WCA Family of Logistics Networks.  With 103 offices in 75 cities, we are becoming a worldwide recognized network.  Thanks to your dedication, and loyalty, and the momentum from last weeks gathering, we will continue to find new ways to bring value and opportunities to this group.  We are discussing an educational program to create synergies within the group and hope to have more to tell you next month.

Information brought to you by DGM Services, Inc.
the “Dangerous Goods Specialists”

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