DGM Hosts Seminar at WCA Conference

10 Feb

DGM Hosts Seminar at WCA Conference

WCA Dangerous Goods Network held a networking cocktail and seminar Feb 1-2 during WCA Conference week in Hong Kong.  The event had both current DG Network members and non-DG members with 60 attendees.

Bruce Cutillo, GM of the Dangerous Goods Network, chaired the event with DGM Support (WCA DG Vendor Member) providing the content. DGM Support’s Managing Director, Michael Tesch spoke about training issues, Herman Teering, Managing Director of  Software Development outlined the compelling reasons for using DG Software in-house, and Julio Bollain, Technical Director, updated the group on various DG regulation changes for 2015-2016. DGM Support provides consulting, staff training, packing, documentation and related (non-forwarding) services for Dangerous Goods logistics from 63 worldwide offices.

Copies of the DGM Support’s presentations will be posted on the Dangerous Goods website under “Case Studies” for members who wish to download them, or you can click here.

Please also note that members can get a free DGM Software Demo by following the link on the WCA DG website (see ‘Event Partner’ at page bottom).  There was a lot of interest in the software presentation, and given the complexity of DG regulations (air/sea/road) and frequent changes, any company serious about DG Cargo logistics should strongly consider using some form of DG management software.

Please contact Bruce Cutillo at bruce@wcaworld.com for more information.

Email Address: info@wcadangerousgoods.com

Website: www.wcadangerousgoods.com

WCA Website: www.wcaworld.com

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