February 9, 2009 Newsletter

9 Feb

February 9, 2009 Newsletter

Regulation Changes for 2009

With all the changes to the new editions of the IATA DGR and the IMDG Code, we are frequently being asked for copies of the new handling labels, and what changes could potentially effect the day to day operation of handling dangerous goods.

It is imperative that your organization has the latest editions of the regulations to avoid any delays in shipments and costly fines for not adhering to the latest regulations.

If you’d like more information about the publications, click on the logo to be taken to our on-line store, or alternatively contact Kerry on publications@dgm-usa.com

New Handling Labels

New UN Numbers

There has been an addition of UN Numbers to the IMDG Dangerous Goods List (DGL). As well as the additional 12 UN Numbers (up to UN 3481 and explosives going up to UN 0508), they have also added (5) UN Numbers which were previously considered as non-regulated items, but can now be found in the IMDG Code as dangerous goods.

Marine Pollutants

Along with new labels, the identification of the Marine Pollutant is now indicated by the letter P

The new amendments to the IMDG Code are mandatory as from January 1 2010, but may be applied voluntarily from January 1 2009.

Lithium Batteries

IATA has put together a “Guidance Document for the Transport of Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries”. The purpose of the document is to provide guidance for complying with the provisions applicable to the transport by air of lithium batteries that took effect from the beginning of this year, as set out in the current edition of the IATA DGR.

The document breaks down the regulations, definitions, classifications, and packing provisions. The document has a useful flow chart which is can be used in determining Shipping Requirements.

The document has been updated (02/06/09), and if you’d like a copy of this document please send an e-mail to Kerry at DGMail@dgm-usa.com


Sports lovers and owners Marc and Jean Petillon had an opportunity recently to meet with former Super Bowl I and II MVP and Green Bay Packers quaterback Bart Starr. Marc Petillon descibed meeting Bart Starr as “an Honor to meet such a tremendous athlete who contributed so much to the game of football.”

Marc and Jean met Bart Starr and other athletes courtesy of Tri Star Productions.

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On what date is hazmat training for IMDG (Sea) considered mandatory for “shore-side” employees involved with dangerous goods?

Competition closes on the 27th February 2009.


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