Opening of DGM Netherlands

10 Jun

Opening of DGM Netherlands

DGM Netherlands – Open!

In Trusted Hands

Remko Pétillon, son of the founder of Dangerous Goods Management (DGM) in 1987, Frank Pétillon, started DGM Netherlands as of June 5, 2014.  As a Dutch company DGM Netherlands fulfills the conditions set by the Dutch authorities for a service provider in dangerous goods by air.  The company received the E-license, which includes that DGM Netherlands “assumes all relevant legal responsibilities of the original shipper”.


DGM Netherlands is located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with a well-equipped service center / warehouse having the possibility to unload, handle and load most of the usual dangerous goods shipments. The offices and service center are under one roof.

DGM Netherlands BV
Zandsteen 46
2132 MT Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

Tel +31 23 30 334 70

Global Network

DGM Netherlands is the latest addition to the global network of DGM companies. The DGM network is represented in 30 countries at 60 locations.

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