The "E" License

26 Dec

The "E" License

Some of you may have wondered, what does the “E” stand for in our logo?  Well, here is your answer….


The Dutch Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), together with DGM and the industry, found the legal framework for shippers to legally tender their consignments containing dangerous goods for air transport.

In 1988, The Dutch CAA introduced the “E” license.  DGM was the first ever to be issued the “E” license certified by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works.  This license is issued under very strict conditions and allows DGM to offer its services in order to make you perform optimally.

We take responsibility of the shipment and therefore can be directly acknowledged and fined by sending a consignment that does not meet the legal requirements.

The E-license allows us to consult with the authorities and subsequently find the most fitting solution for you. DGM is the first company in the Netherlands with the E-license and may therefore call itself the “longest running e-licensed company”.

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