New Android Phone Banned From Airlines

12 Sep

New Android Phone Banned From Airlines

Aviation authorities and airlines from North America to Europe and Asia have issued bans or guidance on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. On Thursday, September 8th, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said travelers should not use or charge them while in the air, or stow them in checked luggage.  This has prompted many airlines to […]
15 Jan

New Container Mass Verification Weights Heavy On Shippers

Beginning July 1 of 2016 the SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement becomes mandatory for all shippers, freight forwarders, vessel operators and terminal operators. The rule was implemented due to undeclared goods, violations involving dangerous goods, and improperly packed or incorrectly declared container loads. These violations jeopardize the center of gravity of the vessel and create […]
13 Jan

Lithium Batteries: Smaller and More Powerful

How Are They Packing All That Energy In Such A Small Space? Battery manufacturers are packing more active material into a cell making the electrodes and separator thinner. This enables a doubling of energy density since lithium-ion was introduced in 1991. Meaning, this provides our devices with more power and battery life. What Effects Does […]