Hazardous Communication


HSA Regulations require employees at a facility with hazmat materials to undertake HazCom training to protect themselves in the workplace. HazCom is also referred to as an employee’s “Right to Know.”  This training will highlight, safety and ensure employee compliance.



Approximately 2 hours

  • Self Paced Online Training
  • Instructor Led Online Training
  • Class Room based Training


PHONE: (281) 821-0500


Who Should Attend This Training Course:

The Hazardous Communication Course is designed for any employee employed at a facility with hazardous chemicals. It assumes that workers have no or little formal training on the hazard communication program, including instruction on how to read material safety data sheets.

DGM Materials Include:

Registration includes a downloadable DGM Workbook and certification

Topics Covered in Training:

  • Meets the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1200
  • Understanding the need for HazCom
  • Written Policies
  • Knowing the importance and need for Labeling
  • How to read the SDS’s
  • Physical and Health Hazards and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Correct Storage and Maintaining accurate Inventory